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Mandokhel Reaffirms Need for Baloch-Pashtun Unity

ZHOB: Deputy Chairman of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party Senator Abdul Rahim Mandokhail has said that Pakistan´s Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM) had been established to promote mutual cooperation between Pashtoons and Baloch nationalities of Balochistan province. Baloch patriot even today believed in the harmony of Pashtoons and Baloch unity. He expressed these views while talking to this correspondent at his residence here in Zhob. He said that Mehmood Khan Achakzai, chairman of the Pashtunkhawa Milli Awami Party, who is alsothe head of PONM, staunchly believed in Pashtoon and Baloch joint strugge. ´´The Pashtoon province should have also been created here but the leaders in Islamabad only created Balochistan in 1970.´´ he said, ´´ this was basically utter discrimination with Pashtoons.´´ Responding to a query, he said providing protection to the lives and property of masses was the first and foremost duty of the state, adding that the Pashtoon also had full right to protect their lives and property. He said that if the state failed to provide security to the masses, the rulers no longer had the right to continue in power. Condemning the target killings of Pashtoons in Quetta and Karachi, he warned that if the target killings of Pashtoons did not stop, Pashtoons would then resort to taking revenge. Commenting on the current visit of Interior Minister Rehman Malik, he said that instead of suppressing the Baloch national moment by force, the government should initiate negotiations for the solution of Baloch issues. Only talks, he suggested, could lead to the settlement of the Balochistan problem. رفیع الله مندوخيل Rafiullah Mandokhail Cell # 0092-300-3937628 South Asian News Agency Daily Balochistan Times Quetta Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
- Rafiullah Mandokhail -

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